Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sales Arrested and Charged

Tyrell Sales was arrested on Saturday Night at Margarita Mama's in Pittsburgh. According to the Pitt Trib Review, Sales is accused of:
yelling and screaming at officers, balling his hands into fists and shouting obscenities, city police said.
Apparently, this all started when Sales was asked to leave the club and he became belligerent.

The only possible thing Sales could be charged with, if the above facts are the complete facts, is disorderly conduct. It would probably be a weak case at that. However, in light of the situation that PSU football finds itself in (AGAIN!) this off-season the possible repercussions from Joe could/should be quite heavy handed.

In looking at Margarita Mama's Myspace page, it is pretty clear what must've fueled Mr. Sales' rage that evening:
Nothing propels a young man to assholish behavior quite like a million Irish car bombs! The combination of Guinness and Liquor hurtles you right to the brink of insanity with startling speed!

So, lets get PSU up on the big Board over at EDSBS for the Fulmer Cup!


Sales describes himself as "focused" on his myspace page. At least, it is A myspace page.

Clearly he is not terribly focused. However, let's not blow this event into anything more than what it is: a young man who probably had too much to drink and got a little out of hand. This sort of thing happens all the time. However, with the scrutiny the program has been under the past year it is tough to imagine that the repercussions will not be severe.


drozz said...
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drozz said...

the effects of car bombs vary from person to person. tyrelle just got a little ornery, which i have no problem with.

my bodies' reaction to car bombs make me magically travel 14 hours in the future, wherein i am mysteriously covered in bruises(aka beer rashes) and shame.

JB said...

Yeah. Car bombs can be trouble with a capital T! Their delicious taste hides their devastating affect on your brain!

Anonymous said...

Sales is a complete moron.