Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Morelli's Future

Anthony Morelli is not the most expereinced player to ever start a season for PSU but lets remember that neither was M-Rob. Morelli does not have a lot of experience but he will have just about as much playing time at qb as Robinson did at the start of last year and that worked out ok, you know what i mean. Also, Morelli will get two seasons to start for PSU, so while there may be a growing pain or two this year (ask the WRs who have had a finger dislocted by a Morelli pass) next year Morelli should be a real threat. Morelli clearly has the arm-strength and quick release to utilize all the offensive weapons at his disposal but it might just take a year for it all to come together.
That being said, I expect Morelli to have a very good year as long as the O-line can keep his jersey clean. And, as Joe eloquently noted, Morelli is not a complete statue in the backfield:
"Anthony is a decent runner, he's not a big fat kid running in there -- he's no newspaper reporter," Paterno said with a laugh.

All things considered we could be much worse off at QB and I think Morelli is going to lead PSU back to a second straight bowl game and hopefully a national championship. As far as the championship i know it is a stretch but if PSU beats both Notre Dame and Ohio State on the road how are they not #1?

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