Sunday, April 09, 2006

PSU Spring Scrimmage!!!

The Lions held a closed scrimmage the yesterday in Beaver Stadium and, based off of the reports coming out of the scrimmage, there is some interesting stuff going on. Or, not going on.
Pos and Levi Brown didn't get anywhere near the action, which was to be expected. Pos and Brown will be fine come the fall so why risk their health.
For me the most interesting thing to come out of spring practice is the fact that Mark Rubin has been getting time at safety or possibly at DB, depending on the report you read. This has to be because of the wide receivers have emerged while Rubin was out all last season. This could be a good new position for Rubin, at six foot three inches tall and two hundred and thirteen pounds he could be a threat to not only pick off passes but also bring some big hits.
Continuing with defensive news, the reports are that the linebackers are really playing well this spring. In particular, Sean Lee has been having a very impressive spring. Despite having a ton of talent at linebacker there were no 3-4 sets during the scrimmage. Of course this doesn't necessarily mean we won't see the 3-4. Personally I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the linebacking talent used in creative ways, maybe as a down rusher in passing situations?
The reports say the offense looked ok. Morelli looked confident when passing the ball down the field but sometimes struggled with accuracy. Tony Hunt didn't see any time, however, Austin Scott has looked good this spring but continues to struggle to stay out of Joe's dog house.

To me this has been a giant day for PSU football news. I mean Rubin on defense? INSANITY!!!

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Go State!! Bring on the Blue-White game!!!!

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