Tuesday, January 16, 2007

LeSean McCoy

There have been reports circulating the net regarding the commitment status of LeSean McCoy. Scout.com reported yesterday that McCoy committed to Pitt (why he would want to go and play for the 'stache, i have no idea), however, Bob Flounders is reporting that McCoy is denying these reports and his choice later this week.
"I haven't given a definite verbal," McCoy told The Patriot-News yesterday afternoon. "I'll make my decision either Tuesday or Wednesday. ... It's between Pitt and Penn State."
If you are wondering what the Young Mr. McCoy is all about, here it goes:
As a Sophomore: 2,561 yds and 28 TDs
As a Junior: 2,828 yds and 33 TDs

Need more? Check him out here:

Very sweet. Make the right decision young man, don the blue and white!



Coach said...

"they" say that McCoy has matured a lot this past year - he was not Penn State material - that's for sure. We don't need another Austin Scott - all the potential, none of the drive.

Running back is a big question going into 2007 - but the key is going to be what we do up front - we have to create lanes. Tony Hunt was good - he was scrappy and he fought for every yard (even when the play calling left him out to dry) - you can't always count on that from a back - some of it's nature - and some of it's experience.

Mike said...

Word is that Paterno told Shady that PSU probably wasn't a good fit for him. I suspect his SAT scores weren't high enough.

The Brewer Patriot said...

Yeah, I am a little worried about this guy. I think we all don't want some kid coming in and thinking that he is better than the program. Now, if he is good and can work hard and stay committed, then I welcome him. Running backs with an edge are good - i.e., L.J. and running backs that are tough are good - i.e., Tony Hunt, but you don't want someone with problems coming into the program who isn't willing to work hard and who has a swelled head thinking he is God's gift to central PA.

A lot of what we all love about PSU is that we don't have the problems of the Miami's and FSU's of the world - we don't need to start now.

JB said...

A classy program is certainly a mainstay of the program and if McCoy is a fat-headed jerk than he wouldn't be a good fit for PSU. However, if he is just a kid who thinks he should start (IE LJ, he turned out ok, right?) than get the talent on the field!

Coach said...

it did take larry 3 years to learn how to run forward - but yeah, he turned out okay.