Thursday, January 04, 2007

You Might Be Notre Dame If...

1. Whenever you manage to pin together more than 6 wins you are considered for the National Championship.
2. You have lost 9-straight bowl games dating back to 1994!
3. You find yourself coached by a manatee.

Throw it deep, Brady!
4. Despite all of the above you'll probably be ranked #1 in the preseason!

5. You just got crushed by LSU.

If you the above have happened to you, you might just be Notre Dame!



Angela James said...

And what exactly does Penn State get for being in an OUTBACK BOWL for winning? A lifetime membership to OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE?..OOOOOH such a goodie...

Go ND! We might have lost the bowl BUT, it does my heart good to know we served Penn State's ass on a silver platter during the season. Stick that where the sun don't shine. You know, it would have been nice if I don't know...if Penn State actually SHOWED up for the ND game...

JB said...

Keep talking angela, after the entire ND team graduates this year and the Irish get to travel to happy valley I shall enjoy the last laugh.

P.S. You have two first names, loser!