Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gentlemen, Start Your Boob Jokes!

The Daily Collegian is reporting that the police department has handed over the results of their investigation of the assault to the District Attorney's office. In a stroke of incredible luck, the man commenting on the process the DA's office will take is named Nathan Boob! This basically makes the entire article incredibly funny, especially if you have the intellect of a nine-year-old like me. What Boob (snicker) says is that the charges still could take a while.
"Some investigations take a day, some take a year or more," Boob said. "It's going to depend on specific facts and circumstances of the case."

One could say, we have a high-profile fight, possibly involving star athletes, and the only comment we have from the DA's office is from a Boob! (uncontrolled snickering)

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