Monday, April 16, 2007


I'm sure everyone has heard about the tragedy at Virginia Tech this morning. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. Stay strong! Recover soon!

I remember a Gunman (a woman actually) opened fire on the HUB lawn at Penn State. This was probably about 12 years ago though. I don't believe anyone was hurt in that incident, unlike the tragedy which has befallen the Hokies today. It just goes to show you that none of us are as secure as we think, even in havens of higher learning.

GO State! Support the Hokies!


BSD said...

I remember the shooter at PSU you're talking about. It was in 1996. I was a Junior on campus back then. It was shocking, but not nearly as bad as this. That incident was over very quickly. One girl died and another was injured. Thankfully a couple guys jumped the shooter and stopped her quickly. Life went back to normal pretty quickly. This incident is different because there were several hours of complete terror. It will be a long time before Virginia Tech recovers from this.

JB said...

I completely agree.