Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Joepa's Extravagance!

Mike, over at BSD, has a good post up about the movement to make Joe's salary public and how completely inane it is. Find another good take over at the Nittany Line. Having grown up just down the street from the Paternos I might be able to give you some secret insight into the man behind the excellence.
The Paternos expanded their humble abode back in '94. The remodel included enlarging and redoing the kitchen. It was the talk of the neighborhood. Joe deserved this luxury, after all, he just took the Lions to yet another undefeated season!
One of my best friends grew up right across the street from Joe. This same friend once turned a hose on a squirrel which was in his yard. (the squirrel was blind in one eye allowing my buddy to sneak up on him and give him the squirt). Joe, witnessing the stalking of the savage squirrel, called out:
"Hey kid! Leave that squirrel alone!"

Yes, Joepa is not only a football god but also a friend to small woodland creatures everywhere.

Finally, I grew up trick-or-treating at Joe's house. Just for the record, Joe does not answer the door dressed in a costume. Though it would be awesome it just doesn't happen. The Paternos are the kind of folks who believe in the honor system, as such, they are a "Take only one" kind of people. To his credit, there was always some left when I came by. The only reason I can think of for this unusual event is: the kids left them out of respect.


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