Monday, June 25, 2007

The Great Pitt Debacle....err...Debate

For some reason, the idea of renewing the rivalry between Pitt and Penn State has resurfaced recently. I have not yet weighed in on the question so I thought I'd give it a shot.

I would like to see Pitt and Penn State play again. Interstate rivalry games are important to college football and good rivalry games do nothing but help the teams involved. The Pitt Tribune has an article addressing the affair today. I certainly don't agree with it on a number of points but they did get one issue right:
Renew the rivalry and have two out of every three games in Happy Valley.
Pitt does need PSU more than PSU needs Pitt and that's why they should agree to these terms. The article's suggestion that the winner of the series should get home-field advantage for the next best of three is interesting but it fails to address the real concerns PSU has. This isn't a situation where PSU is afraid to lose to Pitt, it is a situation where Penn State gets no benefit from traveling to play Pitt while Pitt cashes in on the situation.

The cold hard facts are as follows:
1. Beaver Stadium has the best atmosphere in college football.
2. you can fit 110,000+ people inside that bad boy.
3. Geography doesn't matter. If Pitt is that ravenous to play Penn State then they can drive the 3 hours to State College to watch the game.
4. The new Pitt logo sucks:
5. At Penn State we know what it's like when a "rival" does not reciprocate your hate. (Tosu i'm looking in your direction!)


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