Monday, June 11, 2007

Joe Wants The Tunnel!

Joe Paterno is aiming to run his team out onto the field on September 2, 2007. Paterno suffered a broken leg and some minor ligament damage to his leg last November during the Wisconsin game. This would be huge. Imagine how whipped up people will be to see 80+ year old Joepa charging out of the tunnel followed by his team.

"I'm really trying ... I want to run, I want to be able to run out of the tunnel, if I can," Paterno said.

I was at the PSU vs. Miami game in 2002 when Adam Taliafero led the Lions onto the field and that was a site to behold. (i'm not trying to say Joe's injuries are as serious as Adam's were I'm just trying to think of a moment which would be similar to Joe's run out onto the field)

I hope he does it! WE LOVE YOU JOE!



The Brewer Patriot said...

That was quite the sight in 2002. Four rows back from the field, new stadium additions, big night game, totally emotional --- it was awesome. Until the game actually started, Derek Wake broke his leg and we got absolutely shellacked.

PSUgirl said...

Joe should totally wait and do that for the Notre Dame game - like it's not going to be crazy enough!

oh, and psst - the game was in 2001.

JB said...

It may have been in 2001. Whenever it was, it was AWESOME! I agree that the ND game will be crazy but i really don't think the Irish will prove to be much of a challenge for the Lions.

The Brewer Patriot said...

2001! You're right! That was a result of my sweet math skills. I graduated in 2002 and I knew I was a senior that game.