Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blue-White Roundtable: The I'm Busy Edition

Ok, I'm gonna try to do the best I can but real life intervenes and I'm buried with work. Check out better responses than mine at TNL, BSD, and RUTS. So here we go.
1. Butch Davis says that he wants his North Carolina program to schedule road games against big-name schools in key recruiting areas. The UNC athletic department recently "sent letters inquiring about future games with several schools, including Penn State, Oklahoma, Texas and Texas A&M. If Penn State ever decides to stop picking on teams like Temple, Buffalo, and Florida International, what regions would you like the Nittany Lions to infiltrate for recruiting purposes?

I want the same thing. Lets get some games from the Pac-10 and mid-west. I'm talking about getting USC, Oklahoma, Texas....or there are tons of good rivalries for PSU to rekindle in the south. Think about Alabama, Florida, Florida St. or Georgia. The possibilities are endless, however, the most important thing is to schedule some games to grow the program and gain recruiting ground.
2. Every season starts with concerns about certain players and positions. This year, someone has to fill the linebacker spot vacated by Paul Posluszny. Everyone knows that. Which position battle, currently flying under the radar, should Penn State fans be concerned with?
Well I'll stay on the defensive side of the ball but you have to be concerned about the situation at safety. The Scirrotto situation has unsettled this particular position, Spencer Ridenhour's decision to leave the team has left this position wide open. Mark Rubin remains in play as does Davis. Who will get the start will probably not be determined until the start of the season. Think about his, how effective will King and Wallace be on the corner if they have to worry about deep help?
3. The Big Ten Network promises to show 600 hours of Penn State athletics, including at least three football games. Out of 600 hours, how many will you actually give a crap about? Do you think the conference will get a deal done with Comcast in time for the season opener against FIU?
Probably about 50. I haven't been a big basketball follower, however, if the games are on I would definitely be into catching some Lion's hoops. Beyond that, I really don't care.
4. Michigan's generally regarded as the conference favorite heading into this season. Who will be the worst team in the Big Ten?
The process of elimination will set you free. Tosu, Michigan, PSU, and Wisconsin are off the table. I'm pretty sure Iowa only plays Indiana 7 times so they're out. Illinois will be improved. Minnesota took a hit with the dismissal of a few players for raping an unconscious girl. Purdue will win several games and definitely won't be the worst. I believe that leaves MSU, NW, and Indiana. I gotta think Indiana will be the worst.
5. Awww, did you get frozen out of season tickets this year? Don't worry, you can always be a gate attendant, parker, or usher! If you don't have tickets, would you take one of these jobs just to get inside the stadium?
I would like to say yes, however, I live about two thousand miles from Happy Valley so I'll have to say now. I just can't justify travelling 13 hours/week to fly back for each game.

Who are your favorite college football play-by-play and color announcers?
I love listening to George Paterno on the radio. I would pay $20 to have Mike Greenburg do the play-by-play and Herbstreit do the color-commentary. Yes, I love herbstreit. Yes, I feel dirty.
Lee Corso: Blight on the football world or coy, lovable jackass?
Loveable Jackass. I hate him as much as you. However, if i agreed with everyone on TV I wouldn't need to blog.
Which non-Penn State, non-Big Ten game would you seriously consider selling a kidney to attend?
Oh man, I'd love to see Texas and Oklahoma play. You could also insert Florida and Georgia in here. I'd love to see both. Games at neutral sites are the bomb!



BSD said...

Uh, you know George Paterno has been dead for years, right?

JB said...

Really? I told you i was busy.