Monday, July 30, 2007

Fired Up!

Brandon Beachum has committed to PSU. He is from Ohio (eat that TOSU!) and he is a running back. Whew. It is nice to finally land a solid RB recruit, and boy could we use one. The only visual proof of his excellence, that I could find, is below.

Here is another fabulous reason to get fired up for the fall!

The fall just can't get here soon enough.



Anonymous said...

According to Beachum was never offered a scholarship by Ohio State.

JB said...

If that is true than Tosu is run by fools. Beachum hails from Youngstown, didn't a certain sweater vest coach there? I have seen him listed as a 4-star recruit. If you aren't offering scholarships to 4-stars than i must either say: Congratulations! or Man are you stupid. It is always important to land good players from rival states.

Anonymous said...

jb, I like your take on the situation. I hate that prick with the sweater vest.