Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Musings, Youtube, And Beyond

The Football season hovers 60 days away and here we are, sitting around like dicks trying to fill the time. That, however, is not stopping this guy from loving, musing, talking about, and obsessing over college football.

Just to share with you good people, I'm going back to State College for the Penn State Vs. Ohio State game. I can only imagine that it will be one of the better college football games of all time, if not this season. One of my favorite things about Penn State games, and I don't think i'm alone in this, is tailgating. I love all of it. The food, the drinking, the camaraderie, it is all awesome.

For me, there is nothing better than bratwursts in a beer bath. Fantastic. If you know of something better than please leave a comment and educate me on your food of choice and why it is better than the most perfect tailgate food ever created.

Here is the recipe i like to rock for the brats:
Start by grilling the brats, you don't want to grill them until they are done. Just get some good sear marks on each side or until about 75% done.
In a separate pan, sweat 2 onions and 2 cloves of garlic in some olive oil. once the onions turn clear, add the beer. I, personally, prefer to use Yuengling (the greatest beer of all time) but you can use whatever beer tickles your pickle. Bring the beer to a simmer and add your brats as the come off the grill. Let the brats boil in the beer for about 15-20 minutes.
Here is the big tip, you have to make sure you stir all the onions and garlic, especially the ones on the bottom. If you neglect your stirring you are going to end up with a burnt mess instead of the deliciously beer-poached-oniony-excellence. Serve on a bun with Mustard. If you put ketchup on your brats you need to turn in you man-card and start sitting when you pee.
And now, here is your moment of PSU, tailgating, bliss:

The fact that he loses to a girl is awesome. She would be welcome at my tailgate anytime! Check out some of these tailgating sites. Penn State Tailgate, and Tailgating.com!

Oh, have a happy 4th! May the next two months be speedy for you!



The Brewer Patriot said...

Good lord, I am ready to go back for some tailgating. It will be glorious, last year's Michigan game tailgate was outstanding. Those late start times are so very key. You really get the whole day to work into it.

I am excited for the day when I am out of the hell hole that is Miami and have season tix and I can roll up to each game with huge amounts of food and beer.

JB said...

your dream is the dream of many men. May it come true for us all!

PSUgirl said...


We, generally, boil our beerbrats and veggies before grilling.

JB said...

oh, you can definitely do it that way too. I just prefer to get a nice grill on them before the boil.