Monday, July 16, 2007

Penn State Lift For Life: Pain is Love

On July 13th 84 Nittany Lions participated in the Lift For Life as 3000+ fans looked on. This raised $75,000 for cancer research, which is the reason for all of the ridiculous feats of strength the players attempted to perform. Gorge yourself on Lions lifting large objects here.

And the Winning team is:
The winning team was comprised of wide receiver Brett Brackett (Lawrenceville, N.J.), safety Jason Ganter (State College), quarterback Kevin Suhey (State College) and safety Mark Rubin (Amherst, N.Y.).

All fear Morelli's Mighty Legs!

Place and Show reads as follows:
Second place was secured by the team of defensive end Josh Gaines (Fort Wayne, Ind.), linebacker Tyrell Sales (Butler), tailback Austin Scott (Allentown) and center A.Q. Shipley


The third place team was comprised of linebacker Navorro Bowman (District Heights, Md.), defensive end Aaron Maybin (Ellicott City, Md.), cornerback A.J. Wallace (Waldorf, Md.) and wide receiver Derrick Williams (Greenbelt, Md.)

Who wants to play NCAA 08 until they vomit from its excellence?!?!?!


Dear Lord, Who else is ready for the fucking season to start?!?!?!?


Elihu said...

So it was cool to see that half the winning team went to the same high school as me. (Of course, I am much closer in age to Kevin's father & uncle Matt than to him.)

JB said...

Did you ever have to lift a giant tire in high school? If so, you went to an awesome high school!

Eliu said...

I never did anything like that. I was just noticing that Kevin Suhey & Jason Ganter both went to State High, which is were I went, but I graduated something like three or four years after Paul & Matt Suhey. That was a long time ago.

A couple weeks ago, I was visiting State College with my son, who is in middle school here in MA, & showed him where I went to high school. They've made a lot of changes since I graduated. And, that's just the outside. We just drove by. I wonder if the hill behind the school where we used to do wind sprints for wrestling is still there.