Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Big Ten Roundtable Week 1

Sean from Around The Oval has the questions for the first week of the the BTR. I will give my usual, half-hearted attempt at answering questions imagined by those far smarter than myself. To the Questions!

1. Which player from your own team are you most looking forward to watching?
I am really looking forward to seeing Austin Scott play. Don't get me wrong, I am really excited to watch Dan Connor assume his role as leader and all-around beast at ILB and Sean Lee become/stay a dominant force. But the reason I am interested in seeing Scott play is because there are so many questions for PSU at tailback. Austin could really go two different ways this season, he could become the RB he looked like as a freshman and in the Orange Bowl; or, he could be the unfocused mess that was the rest of his career. In sum, Austin will be exciting to watch not just for his big play ability but also for the possibility of his complete and total collapse.

2. Which player from another Big Ten team are you most looking forward to watching?
Mike Hart. Mike has been doing a lot of woofing this off-season and I want to see if he is going to back it up on the field. He is certainly capable of backing it up and Michigan looks explosive on offense but they do have a tough schedule which includes Oregon, ND, PSU, OSU, Wisconsin. There is certainly the possibility of losing a game or two in there. If they do, what will the newly loquacious Mr. Hart say then? Maybe it'll be what he said after losing to TOSU last year:
"I guarantee if we play, it would be a whole different game," Michigan running back Mike Hart said. "We should have got them the first time around. We didn't. If it doesn't happen, that's our fault."
Right. Well, this is his chance to back all this up.
(HT to Mike at BSD)

3. If your team was an action movie star, who would it be?
It would have to be bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard. PSU is old school. Dirty. Hard working. Not overly buff or threatening but still dangerous. A little crusty. Sometimes hung-over. But through all that, still capable of great things. It also makes me laugh to picture Joe saying: "Yipee-ki-yaay Mother-fucker" That would be hilarious.


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