Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blue White Roundtable

I am the one you can blame for the poorly written/thought-out questions for this week. Fortunately, there are several learned recipients of my Socratic debacle. Check out BSD, RUTS, and TNL for their always-quality answers. I would also like to welcome William to the BWR.
1. We'll start with the bad news, what is your take on PSU's off-season. The team has stated they are focusing on winning a National Title, will these off-field shenanigans get in the way of that lofty goal?

I don't know how much of an impact all of this will have. College players don't have nearly as much contact with the press as pro players and therefore will be bothered by it less...probably. If PSU does not win a National Championship this year (I know it seems an impossible scenario to me too) I don't think it will be because of the off-season.
2. Competition abounds! Give you take on the battle to start in the secondary. Do you prefer to have a rowdy competition or know who your guys will be?

You have got to go with competition. I suppose if you think you have several All-Americans in the mix than maybe you prefer knowing where everybody is going to play. However, in this situation it is better to have guys pushing each other.
3. Describe your behavior as a PSU fan. I know some who are hand-wringing-nervous-pacers and others who are drunken-revelers-before-the-football-gods; where do you fit?

I am a drunken reveler. For the most part. However, in a close game i'm not going to say that I don't get my pace-on. However, I could best be described as a drunken-reveler.


4. White Out, friend or foe? (I think the white-out is awesome but the blue unis are great! how do you reconcile this conundrum?)

I love the White-Out. However, It can go too far. There is no need to white-out everybody, lets save our insanity for the major home-games.
5. Who would you rather punch in the face: Lee Corso, Mark May, Lou Holtz, or Charlie Weiss?

I think there are differing schools of thought on the matter. Lee Corso would be hilarious because afterwards he would be left on the ground sputtering out well-worn catch phrases as you taunt his near lifeless body. Mark May would just be satisfying. I think engaging Mark in fisticuffs has a fight-club-esque appeal, even if you lost you'd both feel free. Lou Holtz's skeleton would simply turn to dust leaving him a big sack of incredibly wrinkly skin. It would be a special effects wonder to observe. Charlie Weiss is only for the daring, as you would run the highest risk of having him swallow your arm up to the elbow. Definitely not for the faint of heart. In the end I'd have to go with Weiss. I've always wanted to know what it is like to punch a "genius"!



Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see Craig James added to your punch in the face list. He seems to have some inherent hatred of Penn State that he does not even care to subdue during broadcasts. I swear there were times last year where you could almost sense him trying to bully Flutie into badmouthing us as well.

PSUgirl said...

oh I totally wanted Craigers to be on the list, but he's such a jerk - he's not even worth it.

JB said...

There are many people who could've been on the list. I struggled with putting a lot of different people on the list. I think that one question could probably be it's own post.