Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ridiculous Insanity

If you are interested in doing some PSU reading might I suggest this article over at the Collegian which sheds light on D-Will's eating habits.
For dinner, a staple is baked chicken, rice and some green beans. Lunch could consist of a chicken and seafood combination, perhaps fish and shrimp. No more late-night food runs with the boys that sometimes occurred when he lived on campus, Williams said.

I wish i could say I didn't care, but I'm a pitiful shell of a man who enjoys reading what football players like to eat. I'm sad.

If you like more scandal than chicken, rice, and green beans on your college football plate than I'd suggest checking out the bevy of stories on the tax breaks people are getting for buying ridiculous condos in Tuscaloosa. Nothing beats getting a huge tax-break for your football condo while the rest of the gulf-coast struggles to rebuild. If you want to see what the Condos themselves are like check out the sales site. Very nice.

CNNSI has also rolled out there top 20 preview. Find PSU's here.



The Brewer Patriot said...

That is a pretty solid write-up of our defense over at CNNSI. Still, there wasn't mention of the O-Line/Morelli combo that will make this a 12 win season or a 9 win season.

JB said...

I would agree with you. The O-line's ability to keep people from flattening Morelli and AMMO's ability to take advantage of this extra time to capitalize down the field.