Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Big Ten Roundtable: Week Five

LTP has the questions this week, I, as always, have the answers!

1. Michigan turned to Russell Crowe (successfully). ND went with Regis (unsuccessfully). Imagine your team is in desperate need of a pregame pep talk (no imagination needed at NU). You can bring in anyone in the world. Who do you turn to and why?

I can tell you I would definitely not choose Lou Holtz! Lou's pep talks are hilarious but apparently devestating to the team he is "pepping up". I think he is 0-4. Just terrible.
I would have to call on Joe Paterno. I mean, my god, he is one of the winningest football coaches of all time. He has won more games than you coach has participated in (more than likely!)

2. What perception about your program is perpetuated to the point where it is your pet peeve? Why does it bother you so much (no, the answer does not have to be an alliteration)?

It bothers me that people perceive PSU as a slow, dumb, lumbering, unimaginative football team. The only problem is that this perception is well earned. Spread the ball out and play!
3. It is only week 5 of the season, but you've been asked to create your team's highlight reel for the season. You get to choose one song. What is it and why?

Oh man. I have been watching, and loving, the Merryman/Jackson promos where they make a play and get up to continue immediately into the next play. It is playing the theme to Last of the Mohicans and it gets me completely fired up. In sum, I would choose the theme to Last of The Mohicans.

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That was played before the OSU game in 2005