Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Michigan Week

This weekend is the one everybody has had circled on their calendars since February. This is the game that players used to get themselves through pre-dawn, off-season workouts. This weekend PSU plays Michigan. Michigan has absolutely owned Penn State over the last 10 years or so. There is no player on Penn State who has tasted the sweet nectar that is a victory over Michigan! Just thinking about it makes me cry inside. Michigan might be off to a slow start (1-2) but PSU is not going to be focusing on anything other than beating Michigan (finally).

Student tickets will be available for the Michigan game starting Tuesday morning (October 18th) at the BJC outside gate B. You gotta get those tickets, get to Ann Arbor, and get fired the fuck up! Make sure to bring a little piece of home-field with you. You might get a chance to witness something that hasn't happened since before I was allowed to vote; a Penn State victory over Michigan. The rest of us will be tuned in to the game on ABC.

What does PSU need to do to dream the impossible dream which is beating Michigan? There are a number of different answers. Laschout wants everybody to give Chris Bell the damn ball. I have mentioned previously that PSU needs to get pressure on the QB to be successful. I still think that Penn State should blitz, however, it is quite clear that priority number one has to be stopping Mike Hart. He carried the ball 35 times for 187 yards against ND. Michigan has strapped their season to Hart and they will try to ride him to improbable glory. Ryan Mallett was serviceable against Notre Dame as he threw three TDs and no Ints. However, he completed only 46% of his passes. Penn State needs to stop Hart and put pressure on the QB, whoever that may be. I think I might know who is up to the task:

40+45= Pain

Crapiness. It could happen to you, just look at the chart (proof) provided by EDSBS

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