Thursday, September 06, 2007

Notre Dame Rundown

There are tons of good Notre Dame blogs out there, one of them foolish enough to ask me for an interivew. (Not because I'm a dick but just because I can't imagine who would want to read what I have written) as one might expect from the only team to have a contract to have all their home games broadcast nationally. Hell, there is even a website completely dedicated to the rivalry between Penn State and Notre Dame.
"Hey, you got Notre Dame in my Penn State!" You got Penn State in my Notre Dame!"
Oh no! Well, we won't blog since the middle of July! So it won't Matter!

In all seriousness, there are several excellent ND blogs out there. Blue-Gray Sky is second to none. They, and they really are a they listing over ten contributors, have a good post analyzing/breaking down ND's spread offense.
Rakes of Mallow is another great, well-established ND blog. ROM writes the following which somehow manages to be both complimentary and insulting at the same time.
Saturday was awful. Beyond awful. The ugliest performance from an offense you'll see outside of Sylvester Croom/Jeff Bowden love child, but this is not the end of the world. Jimmy Clausen looked sharp in his limited action, and if he's able to work the field while Penn State inexplicably doesn't blitz again, we will score points in Happy Valley. Yes, Zombie Nation is very scary (both the song and the fact we're one JoePa bite away from World War Z) and the White Out is a sight to behold, but it's very possible Clausen just doesn't care. It's also possible he's going to curl up in the fetal position and beg Sean Lee to stop hitting him so hard, which is why I'm excited to see what happens come Saturday at 6:00 despite the fact we're a 17.5 point underdog (?!?!?!).
I personally think that Dan Connor and Sean Lee are going to introduce Jimmy Clausen to a world of pain. I think Connor was the best LB on the team last year but Lee might be not only the best LB on the team but the best player on Penn State this year.

A world of pain, Smokey!

Domer Law Blog analyzes a ton of the match ups you will see on Saturday. It is very complimentary and he actually picks PSU to win. You really can't expect more out of a non-PSU-blog. I know this analytical-urge, it struck me in the middle of June.

The House Rock Built is a wonderful blog who appears to still be MIA after the GA Tech whoopin. He particularly deserves a mention because of a wonderful, eclectic, vaguely psychedelic header.

The Rock Report is phenomenally awesome. He has a great post analyzing Charlie Weis' options at QB as well as mulling over their biggest quandary: the O-Line.

I love football. I love football games full of tradition. I can't wait to see the PSU vs. ND on Saturday. It is going to be great!



SubwayDomer26 said...

Maybe you ARE a dick? lol I'm catching up to those other blogs...well maybe not, but I'm a Subway Alum, so fuck it!

JB said...

Sadly, it is entirely possible that I am a dick. Oh well.