Friday, September 21, 2007

Penn State vs. Michigan A Linkfest

Much has been written regarding this weeks game. This game is still a tremendous match-up which has vast implications for the Big Ten. Lets face it, if Michigan hadn't shat the bed in the first two weeks Game Day would be in Ann Arbor to watch the #5 team in the nation play the #10 ranked team in the country. However, we seem to have a game where both fan bases of neither team are confident in the least. This has taken poor-mouthing to a entirely new level of terrifying ubiquity.
If you want to read some excellent previews of the game and of PSU then by all means check out BSD, the M-Zone, Maize N Brew, and of course MGoBlog for continued excellence.

Click-Clack, Bitches! Lets get it on!


and check out Glasses of Joe another member of the PSU-Blogger Fraternity.

2nd UPDATE!:Much love to the Brewer!

You can't blame DC-40, it's just what he does. He kills men.


Goat said...

At this point, I firmly believe that we are doomed to mediocrity as long as Patnerno is head coach. Our defense played their heart out on Saturday but the coaches felt like putting the offense in a terrible position every series. We may be decent for the next ten years or so under the old man, but we will NOT BE GREAT until there is new leadership. The current coaches are too afriad of embaressment and not concerned enough with glory. They have lost their edge.

Anonymous said...

Classy = PSU fans.