Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Ten Roundtable: Week 8

The Hoosier Report bring us the questions this week. Oddly enough, PSU plays Indiana this weekend so I urge you to check out this excellent blog for all your hoosiery-needs.
1. Call your shot. We are halfway through the Big Ten season (or, at least, most of us are). What will be your team's final record? Where, if anywhere, will your team be spending late December/early January? Who will win the Big Ten?
I will answer with my heart because that's what I am all about. PSU wins out, going 10-2 and storms it's way into the Capital One bowl. I just don't think, even in my heart of hearts, that PSU will be able to get a BCS birth. There is the outside possibility of a shared Big Ten title but I just don't see it in the cards.
2. How is your team's coaching situation? Clearly, this varies from school to school, with some coaches approaching retirement (Carr/Paterno), some who are just starting out (Brewster/Fitzgerald), the unique case of Bill Lynch, and others who seem to be in their primes. If your coach is on the tail end of his career, where do you see things going from here? If he's still early in his tenure, any buyer's remorse? If he's in he's somewhere in the middle, are you happy or wishing things would go a different direction? How does your view correspond to the "majority" view among your school's fans?

I think our coaching situation is strong. Joe Paterno is a living legend, a veritable football God walking amongst mere mortals. You don't force a legend to leave, Joe has earned that. I believe that I am in the minority by taking that position. Penn State fans are becoming more and more fickle and are refusing to accept 8-9 win seasons. I think Joe probably retires after next year as is contract will be up. I love JOE! I want him to stay as long as he wants, roll him onto the field if you have to!
BONUS BASKETBALL QUESTION: If you plan to cover basketball, give us a brief outlook for your team. Who is your best player? What do you expect from the team?

I have no idea. Sorry, I just don't know.

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