Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blue White Roundtable: Week of Ohio State

This is the week everybody has had circled on their calendars. Ohio State comes to town. Gameday will be in Happy valley. Paternoville is in full effect. TNL bring us this week's questions please also scope BSD, RUTS, WWN, and TNN for their posts.
1) Will the loss of Hahn and/or Odrick have a big impact on either the offense in Hahn's case, or the defense in Odrick's case?
I think the loss of Odrick will not have a big affect on the defense. Penn State has been dealing with injuries all year and they have just continued to reload at that position. Also, Abe Koroma is healthy and should be ready to see full time action. The loss of Hahn probably will have an impact. He is a fucking wrecking ball coming out of the backfield for our RBs and he is an effective ball carrier himself. He will be missed but the offense isn't going to fall to pieces when Dan Lawlor comes into the game. Dan is an effective receiver as well as blocker.
2) Has Anthony Morelli redeemed himself in your eyes?
Ammo is playing really well right now. He is completing over 60% of his passes and limiting his mistakes. This is exactly how I wanted him to play. As long as he keeps it up PSU will continue to win.
3) Is the offensive play calling where you want it to be now or do we still need help?
I think the play calling is fine right now. Clearly, there was a break down around Michigan and Illinois but now the Lions are passing more frequently and spreading the field which has led to easier rushing yards for Kinlaw and Royster. Right now it is fine.
Lightning Round
-Are you lucky enough to have scored tickets this week?
I am. I will tailgate all day in the RV lots. If you're there and see a guy wearing a white shirt that reads: 40 + 45 = PAIN that is me. I'm going to be completely fired up. I'll be sitting in the Student Section. Afterwards I'll be unable to speak.
-Which Ohio State offensive player scares you the most?
Todd Boeckman. No dobubt. He completes of 60% of his passes and has thrown 17 TDs and only 8 Ints. Stopping him will be critical.
-For the game Saturday are you : giddy, apprehensive, or on suicide watch?


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PSUgirl said...

Hey! I'll be tailgating in the RV lots as well - I'll be the gal wearing lots of layers and bib overall rain pants (whoo whoo).