Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blue White Roundtable: Week Six

I wrote the questions this week so they didn't exactly put me through the wringer so go check out BSD, RUTS, TNL, WWN, and TNN. On to my questions!
Criminal allegations swirl around the squad; what impact will this have on the team? My own fall off of my high-horse-of-PSU's-sterling-reputation has been terrible, have you experienced the same?

The impact, I'm guessing will be a multi-game suspension for the players involved. Probably the suspensions would be more severe than the time Quarless had to do in the dog pound so probably 3-4 games. Oddly, I have experienced a fall off of my high-horse. I have always delighted in PSU's reputation for doing things the right way and while these aren't NCAA violations they are disturbing. It begs the question: Where are the senior leaders on this team? Are DC-40, AMMO and the rest doing their part to remind guys that maybe they shouldn't be out partying the day/hours before a game?
Evan Royster provided Penn State with the Spark it needed to get going on Saturday, did he win himself the starting job? If not, how does your depth chart read at RB and why?

He absolutely won himself the starting job. He looked great early in the game and when Morelli was struggling PSU adopted the "lets run Royster until he drops" approach and it worked. There must have been 6-7 running plays in a row where Royster consistently gained solid yardage. If I were running things my depth chart would read thusly: 1. Royster 2. Kinlaw 3. Green (red-shirt only to be burned in the case of injury/emergency).
Anthony Morelli gets it done while looking both awful and excellent in the same game. What the hell is PSU supposed to do at QB?
I have no idea. If the coaching staff thinks Anthony gives the team the best chance to win then you have to stick with him. However, getting Clarke some PT to get him ready for next year wouldn't be such a bad thing. In short, I have no idea.
Lightning Round
What games are you watching on Saturday?

Since I live several thousand miles away from Beaver Stadium I won't be at this weeks game but I will tune in to watch the Lions throttle the Badgers. In addition I don't think I'll be able to miss LSU vs. Kentucky and Washington vs. ASU.
What are your predictions for the second half of the season?

I'm going to take a guess and say that PSU wins out, finishes 10-2 and ends up in the Capital One Bowl.
Who will be PSU's MVP come January?
Sean Lee.


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