Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brief Thoughts

First, I had a phennomenal time at the game. The student section is always an intense experience but this was my first white out and will be something that I'll never forget. I tried my damndest to will PSU to a victory but all I got for my efforts was a sore throat and an empty feeling inside.
PSU really got a solid beating at the hands of Ohio St. The Buckeyes did exactly what they needed to do on defense but, from where I was watching, it looked like the offensive line completely dominated this game. Penn State couldn't get pressure on Boeckman and Tosu ran the ball with impunity. It was difficult to watch.
More reactions, pics, and videos to come later once i get back to a decent internet connection and I recover physically.



Anonymous said...

We got an old fashion beat down. We have to llok up to see our socks!

The Brewer Patriot said...

Yeah, that game really hurt. OSU outplayed us in every way. It wasn't like the Michigan game where you could say, well a fumble here or there and there could be a different outcome. I mean, Jesus, we never even made them punt!