Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Buckeyes Redux

I previously broke down the Buckeyes back in August. You can find that here. I'll now try to give some updated thoughts now that some actual games have been played.
I may have previously said that Jim Tressel is a giant However, that couldn't be further from the truth. He has guided the Buckeyes to a national title game last year where Florida ritualistically beat them like a freshman in Dazed and Confused. Despite that the last time Ohio St. lost (in the regulary season) was playing PSU in 2005. 2005! That is two fucking years ago!

This year Ohio St. may have been playing an easy schedule (not so different from many teams) but they have beaten all of those easy teams which is a very large departure from what a lot of other teams have been doing. This has earned the Buckeyes another #1 ranking in what many thought, including me, would be a rebuilding year for Tosu.

This success has been on the arm of Todd Boeckman and the legs of Chris and Maurice Wells. Boeckman is doing exactly what he needs to do for the Buckeyes to be successful, he is completing over 65% of his passes and has thrown more than twice as many TDs as Ints. Boeckman is also well supported on the ground as both Wells boys have combined for 1133 yards rushing. That is solid production. Justin King will have his hands full guarding another quality WR in Brian Robiskie who is Tosu's deep threat averaging nearly 20 yds/catch and has scored seven TDs.

I think PSU is going to have to bring blitzes and hope to confuse/rattle/beat up Boeckman as this is his first year starting. Lets let the DBs line up and play the WRs but lets get in the backfield, harrass Boeckman and try to blow up their running plays before they gets started. Big M0 Evans needs to feature prominently.

James Laurinaitis leads the way on Defense with 25 solo tackles (< than both Connor and Lee), 4 sacks (< Dan Connor 5), and 5.5 Tackles for loss (< Dan Connor 10). Laurinaitis does have two picks too Dan and Sean's combined zero. At the end of the day, Laurinaitis is a good player who will have to have a big day stopping the run and interrupting the passing game.

My prediction back in August was:
PSU: 20
Tosu: 14

The current forecast for game time is cold and rainy. So, if anything, the scores might be even lower so I'll alter the final score to:
PSU: 16
Tosu: 14



Eggman said...


Thanks for visiting Craig's Eggs. Many of the OSU readers didn't like my niceties about Penn State, but ya gotta "know your enemy." Slimy weather or not, I stand by my bold prediction at Nice web work...

Go Bucks!

Mac T

JB said...

Fair enough, sir. I will be one of the white clad, well lubricated, screaming maniacs who are trying to make life as difficult as possible for your Buckeyes. It should be a great game.


Annapolisbuckeye said...

I see that my guest blogger has stopped by. Please realize that I take absolutely no credit for his ramblings. I'm actually a little scared to edit them.

Anyway, I like the analysis. You have hit on my biggest concern for the Buckeyes--pressure the quarterback. We saw what happened when MSU defense got a leg up.

Hopefully, things will be corrected in practice.

Regardless, this will be one of the best games of the season.

As for well lubricated...let's just say it's good you've never seen Craig and me at an Ohio State game.