Tuesday, October 16, 2007


There has been much talk this year about focus. The team needs to stay focused. The team can't be distracted by the fight back in April. Focus. The team can't be distracted by the Quarless incident. Focus. Don't be distracted by fights and legal proceedings! Focus. Ignore the fact that the local police might be armed with tasers! FOCUS! The team needs to keep their minds on the season not on rumors. Focus. Recently, the Lions have done exactly that. The defense held PJ Hill and the vaunted Wisconsin rushing attack to 87 yards while the offense racked up 221 yards on the ground.

This week, however, might be the biggest test of the team's ability to focus to date. They play Indiana on the road at noon. With a match-up against #1 ranked Ohio State looming on 10/27. That game will be at night and on national TV by the way. No pressure. Just stay focused on Indiana, who has just as many Big Ten conference wins as PSU. Also, one must consider the Lion's propensity to start slow on the road. This week's game will not only be a test of the Lion's ability to play their first good game on the road but also to block out thoughts of next week.

The Lions know what they are playing for and what they are up against. The Lions get it done on Saturday beating Indiana. If you want to see what I thought of Indiana in the Preseason you can find it here. I see no reason to change predictions now!

PSU: 52
Indiana 17



joepadon said...

Noon ET means 11 a.m in Indiana right? That sucks, plus IU usually has less people in the stands than a Berwick football game, another "that sucks".
I don't want to sound gloomy, I think we win this game, but those two things have me worried just slightly.

JB said...

Indiana is in the EST so the game will start at 12. No worries there. I tend to agree with you about the atmosphere. Despite the stadium being renamed to "The Rock" you can't just invent atmosphere for a game. Low energy could spell problems for PSU!