Saturday, October 20, 2007

Halftime Update

Penn State's offense and defense are both playing well.

Royster's play has really helped to elevate the rushing game. Kinlaw started the game but only rushed for 38 yds on 11 carries (3.5 yds/carry) where as Royster came in later and promptly ran the ball 8 times for 45 yards. Lets just be blunt, Royster is the superior back and should be getting the majority of the carries.

Anthony got off to a slow start throwing a very poor jump ball in the first quarter which resulted in a pick for the Hoosiers. Since then Ammo has been playing like a man possessed. He finished the half completing 16 of 20 passes for two TDs. This is what we have been waiting to see out of big #14. These passes included several big time third down completions to keep drives going or to get in the endzone.

The Secondary is struggling against some big time IU WRs. However, later in the half the Lions were able to get great penetration on Kellen Lewis and disrupt the passing game and get some sacks. The Defense needs to keep getting three and outs for the offense to get some more points!



the brewer said...

Good mid-game post, JB. My man-crush on DC-40 is shifting to Royster! i am currently at Hooligans, drinking lagers!

JB said...

I am at home watching the game with some pugs. I am drinking diet mt. dew! HELL YES!