Monday, October 15, 2007

Penn State's Wild Ride

certainly continued this weekend as the Lions crushed, stomped, ran over, steam-rolled, beaten-down, hosed, brutalized a Wisconsin team that never got it's legs under them. The Lions were very effective passing the ball, running the ball and breaking P.J. Hill's will to live. Crushing the paper-Badgers was not enough to catapult the Lions into the Top 25, falling 12 votes short of the 25th spot.
This season has been peculiar on both the national level and on a personal level for the Lions. The season started with dizzying expectations only to have them dashed against the rocks of a 3-2 start. Now, after all only five teams remain undefeated in the Top 25 and there are 7 teams with 2 losses. This, and two straight Big Ten victories, have restored the hope of a good season and a quality bowl appearance.

Several challenges remain for the Lions including, dealing with continuing off-field problems, oh and having to play now #1 Ohio State. Not surprisingly, yet another season will ride for both PSU and Tosu on their matchup in October. I suppose they have to play their "rivalry" game against Michigan too but that isn't really that big a deal.

However, PSU needs to take care of business next week against Indiana and the road has not been kind to the Lions this year. Proving that they can win in a hostile environment in the Big Tenwill do a lot for this years team. I couldn't be more fired up for the rest of the year, next week, and the Ohio State game!



The Brewer Patriot said...

A great overall performance that left me feeling good about the team. I love college football. Just two weeks ago, the mood of the PSU fanbase could best be described as "suicidal." Now, there is talk of what scenarios have to fall in place for us to be co-champs of the Big Ten or how, with a few different plays here or there, we could be undefeated. What a difference a few games make. When Morelli plays a Brad Johnson-like game, (i.e., no major screw ups, just general game management) we can be a very good team.

TRM073 said...

This was the best performance since the 2005 season. Let's first take care of business against Indiana. The OSU game could set the a stadium attendance record. It also might affect recruiting for the next few years. This could be a classic. Let's hope so.

JB said...

PSU needs to stay focused and if they do we will be treated to an incredibly intense home game!