Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This Is Home (Videos to Fire You Up!)

PSU finally returns home after a disastrous series of road games. Could it be that Penn State simply needs the ridiculous confines of Beaver Stadium to really turn up the juice? I hope not, but it will probably help. Observer the excellence and be amazed.

One thing bothers me, did nobody say that their favorite toy was a football?

This one is great, especially if you want to learn a little more about the men behind the team.

Finally, a humorous tour of the Penn State locker room. Just great!

Holy shit! Affter that I am fired up!



Black Shoe Diaries said...

I like the 2 second clip of Scrap yelling at Wallace, "A.J., buckle your belt and tuck your shirt in!"


JB said...

I love the behind the scenes look at the program. Just awesome.

Andy said...

My favorite is that Dan Connor didn't have toys - he just beat up his brothers all the time.