Monday, October 22, 2007

Where We Stand

The Lions managed to get out of Indiana with a Win, a fresh ranking of 24 in the AP Poll, and a head full of steam for the Ohio St. game.

Aside from one indredibly boneheaded pass, Anthony Morelli had a very good game. He completed 68% of his passes and threw two TDs. This is just the kind of performance Morelli needs to continue to have for PSU to be successful. Granted, he missed some open receivers and consistently three the ball behind receivers in the flat but he still managed an excellent game. Relive all the good times with the following video.

Despite repeated red-zone failures the offense played well enough to get the win. Royster and Kinlaw both scored TDs and both rushed for nearly 70 yards. Royster definitely looked like the better back on Saturday, however, he fumbled the ball twice which will definitely not get you more PT from Joepa. If Royster can hold onto the ball he is definitely PSU's best backfield option.

The Defense gave up too many points to a team that consisted almost entirely of Lewis and Hardy. Hardy man-handled Justin King on route after route. It was clear by the end of the day that Hardy is a big time WR who will be playing on Sunday but also that his size and athleticism was too much for King to handle.

Before this post goes any further I have to comment on Maurice Evans newly elevated status from DE to being a FUCKING BEAR! He sacked a very mobile Lewis 3.5 times on saturday raising his sack total to 10.5 on the year. Oh, and Evans is only a sophomore and he is already a goddamn bear.

It is great to see PSU back in the standings and I could not be more fired up for the Ohio St. game. Get your Whites ready and ready your tent because it is time to White Out The Buckeyes!


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The Brewer Patriot said...

the only thing that can satisfy Big Mo's never-ending hunger is to eat his opponents!