Friday, November 30, 2007

A Coaching God on a Bargain Budget

After a lengthy bout of litigation the University has revealed what Joe Paterno makes: $512,664/year in base salary. Joe can, of course, make more based on endorsements, appearances and other means. This number is amazingly low. Because here we are in an age where Kirk Ferentz (Iowa) is currently making 1.2 million dollars a year in base salary. And coaching gliteratti like Nick Saban is making $4 million a year!

Look, I'm not saying that Joe is making peanuts or that he is underpaid. The man the myth himself thinks that he is paid very well, and he is. However, in an age of out of control salaries and celebrity coaches in college football Joe Paterno remains a cornerstone of unpretentious-excellence.

The Collegian has the Story. Here is another good article from USA Today on the matter.

Apologies for the incredibly slow posting as of late. Work and regular life forced me to lighten up on posting. However, it should be back to normal shortly.


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Rogers Place said...

Joe's working dirt cheap.