Monday, November 05, 2007

Post Purdue Excellence

Ok, the Lions managed a win against the Boilermakers who are a very similarly situated team in the Big Ten. As such, The Lions cemented their place in 4th place in the Big Ten. While this position is not unfamiliar to PSU it is bittersweet for this team.

As the season started leaders on the team were boldly predicting a national title run, Herbstreit was on-board as was Phil Steele. Sadly, those were dashed with back to back losses to Michigan and Illinois. However, PSU has since rebounded winning three of their last four games. Though, the Ohio State game still hurts me deep inside. So, here we are ten games into the schedule and we are 7-3. If we win out our 9-3 mark would not be a disappointment, rather it would be ringing the brass bell of upper-middle class status in the big ten. Not where we wanted to be but also not a terrible fate. The Purdue game was also an elimination game for a new years day bowl game; Outback Bowl here we come.....AGAIN!

The Purdue game was a chance to thank the Seniors like All-Time PSU Tackle Leader DC-40, We-Never-Knew-Ye Rodney Kinlaw, as well as Never-Lived-Up-To-My-Potential AMMO.

HT: The Patriot News
We also were treated a good performance out of some emerging stars Evan "Rolls" Royster. (Ironically, Evan is the Cadillac of PSU's RB garage!)

I view this season as a success (thusfar) as one must also consider the enormous distractions for the team both before and during the season.


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