Saturday, December 29, 2007

Joe Paterno Coffin Comment Video

The Alamo Bowl is upon us and lets hope the Nittany Lions are fired up! The Aggies certainly gave the Nits some bulletin board material as a yell leader said that Joepa was "on his death bed" and that he "needed a coffin" at a pep rally the other day. Lets hope it stokes the Lions on to a victory!

What an incredible douche. Show a little class for the love of Pete! That being said, lets not blow this out of proportion. Joe wasn't that upset saying: I dunno, maybe he is right! (i'm completely paraphrasing. Clearly this was a retarded comment to make but the kid has been sent home, apologies have been issued, I don't want a pound of flesh.

I am currently on my way to San Francisco and will be in the area for the game tonight. As a stranger to this fair city, I would love to hear any suggestions of good spots to watch the game.


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PJS said...

Joe Pa. epitomized class in his response to that douchebag.