Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For The PSU Fan

I occasionally buy Penn State paraphernalia, and by occasionally I mean almost constantly. So, what does one get for the PSU fan who has everything? Aside from a top notch QB, of course?

Well, I recently checked out a new calendar which has been released. What is a little different about this calendar is that the pictures in it are of vintage PSU gameday programs from the early to middle 20th century (Army, Navy, Nebraska, NC State, WVU, Syracuse, lots of good classic program covers. But what I thought was really cool about these is that when you're done with the month the archival quality picture is perforated and can be easily torn off and framed! If you click the following link and decide to buy you will be given a 10% discount. (oh yes, JB gets you the sweetest hookups!) You can pick them up from Asgard Press. Overnight shipping is available so if you're in need of a PSU based gift I would highly recommend this calendar.

Please excuse this corporate schillery.


PSUgirl said...

last year, I got the 2007 calendar for a friend who collects vintage programs - and it was beautiful.

Nilz said...

Good idea. We often get clueless while choosing last minutes gifts. Thanks.
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