Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Meat of the Bowl Schedule

The Meat of the Bowl Schedule is upon us! Rejoice in it's excellence! I watched the Motor City Bowl last night and it was as stupendous as it has been made out to be! Good work Purdue! Way to carry the Big Ten Banner high and proud.

Tonight, however, we get to feast at the smörgåsbord of excellence which is the Holiday Bowl where ASU and Texas will attempt to smash the other into smithereens! It should be a great game with tons of scoring you are required to watch or have your eyes burned out of your skull.

In PSU news:
Baker and Bowmann won't be seen anywhere in the vicinity of the Alamo Bowl. Sadly, the two have hit the magical number of criminal charges that can be filed against a man before playing time decreases at PSU: 2.

Little Ant'ny Morelli will be seen at the Alamo Bowl but apparently won't be seen at any point before then. Morelli didn't show up for press conference on Wednesday. Ummm, Ok. BSD and RUTS have good posts on the subject so go check them out.

All of this just leaves me flabbergasted. I understand if Morelli doesn't want to talk to the media, the media has not been kind to our Ant'ny. However, much of this criticism has been deserved and that, sadly, is part of the job description of being a QB at a major university. You talk to the media. If they are mean to you; too bad! If you don't want to answer questions don't answer them. But show up! Don't leave the rest of your teammates to answer questions about why you aren't there. Show up. Don't be a distraction. Focus on the task at hand.



WFY said...

Outside of the Pittsburgh media, who has been mean to Anthony Morelli? I haven't seen it or read it.

JB said...

I'm not really prepared to name names. I do know people keep asking him if there is any truth to a rumor that he has "trouble" making reads. Clearly implying that Morelli isn't smart enough to make said reads. I don't know which media outlet promoted this story, but i think it counts as mean spirited.