Monday, January 28, 2008

Blogger Awards

It is time for the annual college football blogger awards! Readers can nominate blogs via "the Gizmo". You can check out the Past winners page over at Rocky Top Talk. My thoughts, of child's pool depth, go as follows:

Best MSM Blog
FOR: The best blog piloted by an Official Journalist, defined as someone employed by a newspaper company or a major website like or

First, I would have to say SI On Campus is easily my favorite. They are incredibly blogger friendly and is a daily read for me.
Second, I really don't read any other corporate blogs, I'm so hip and indy minded!

The Dr. Z Award
FOR: Cogent, interesting analysis. CRITERIA: Emphasis placed on statistical manipulation, well researched pieces that reveal something new, and/or solid argumentative pieces that function as the authoritative last word on a subject.
If you aren't reading SMQ you fucking should be. He easily gets my nomination. The rest of us are lucky that chicks don't dig college football stats as much as dudes or the rest of us would be in a ton of trouble.

The Trev Alberts Quits To Do Construction Award
FOR: comic relief; overall hilarity. CRITERIA: The funniest college football blog.
Loser With Socks is great. From who hates who in the SEC to Tecmo reenactments, hilarity is always on the menu. I also enjoy the The Wizard of Odds.

The Job Award
FOR: The blog that has suffered through its chosen team's dismal season with the most dignity.
The Subway Domer slogged through what could be considered the worst season ever for the Irish and he did it with a smile.

The Keith Jackson Circa 1995 Award
FOR: The blog with the most consistently expressive and excellent writing. CRITERIA: Mechanical competency, yes, but the ability to turn a devastatingly funny phrase or write something compelling is probably more important. This isn't an award for copy editing; it's an award for kickin' prose.
This is certainly not my forte but I'll give it a shot anyway. SMQ rules my world and haunts my dreams. There is really no escape at this point. Black Heart Gold Pants has also been rocking my button-down life all season.

The Brady Quinn Award
FOR: The prettiest blog. CRITERIA: An aesthetic appeal and usability. The best looking and most functional blog.
For this I had some of my own criteria. First, there is nothing worse than the over-the-top, cookie-cutter, regularity of basically every Sports Blog Nation Blog so basically all of you lose by default. As much as it pains me to say: Eleven Warriors has done an excellent job of designing that blog. Kudos, sir!

Best New Blog
FOR: The best new college football blog. CRITERIA: Must have launched sometime after last year’s national championship game. Transitioning to a new blog or affiliating with a network mid-stream doesn’t count.
Nittany White Out is an excellent new addition to the Penn State stable of bloggers.

Best Community
FOR: The blog with the best community interaction.
MGOBLOG. I wish I got 1/10 the number of comments Brian does. But then, Brian actually puts up thoughtful posts. Weird.

The Tyrone Prothro Award
FOR: The finest individual post of the college football year. CRITERIA: There aren't any, really. The post that you liked the best for whatever reason.
I really have no idea. I try to read a lot of blogs everyday but nothing is sticking out right now. I know I read excellent posts everyday but not one that has stuck with me.

The Old Faithful Award
FOR: The best recurring feature of the year. CRITERIA: The feature should be posted weekly and be generally good and stuff.
I dunno. Fuck, there are a lot of these things.

The Jenn Sterger's Rack Award
FOR: The best photoshop or other counterfeit gag of the year.
Loser With Socks has consistently had a photoshop up of Urban Meyer as a terminator. It cracks me up every time and I really don't know why.

Best Multimedia Thing
FOR: The best audio thing, podcast, or web-video type thing of the year. Highlight clips not eligible.
I listen to EDSBS Live via the Podcast every week. Peter and Orson do a great job and they get fantastic guests (Phil Steele) and hilarious callers. The best, Jerry. The Best! It won before but i just don't care.

The People's Champ
FOR: Similar to the MNC award, this one goes to the best blog, no restrictions. The major difference: whereas most awards are voted on by bloggers, the final voting on this one is open to all. No, you can't vote for Auburn 2004.
I gotta go with SMQ again. If you want to know about the major doings, and even the minor doings, in college football you must turn to him.

Best ACC Blog
FOR: The best blog covering an ACC team or the ACC in general. CRITERIA: None specified. Just, you know, whatever you think is awesome.
I really don't read any. It is sad, I have links up to nearly a dozen of them and I never read a single one.

Best Big Ten Blog
FOR: The best blog covering a Big Ten team or the Big Ten in general.
This is right in my wheel-house so I think I'll throw some names out there. First, Black Shoe Diaries is my homer pick. Mike runs not only the best Penn State blog out there (including this one) but also runs one of the best Big Ten Blogs on the web.
BHGP, even though it started this year, has quickly become a must read Big Ten Blog. Finally, I'll go with MGOBLOG. It is an obvious choice, but Brian keeps bringing the thunder so what choice do i have.

Best Big East Blog
FOR: The best blog covering a Big East team, the Big East in general, or Notre Dame.
The one i frequent the most is Pitt Blather. A solid blog through and through.

Best SEC Blog
FOR: The best blog covering an SEC team or the SEC as a whole.
That poses a lot to choose from. There is a wealth of blogging talent down that way, but i'll go with Loser With Socks.

Best Big Twelve Blog
FOR: The best blog covering a Big Twelve team or the Big Twelve in general.
I can't go with BON as they won last year. So i'll have to go with Double Extra Point. I know, I know, I lack creativity.

Best Pac Ten Blog
FOR: The best blog covering a Pac Ten team or the Pac Ten in general.
I have got to go with Bruins Nation. I think they actually got the coach fired this year. I mean that is fucking ridiculous. Now, reap what you sow you bitches!

Mythical National Champion
FOR: The best blog, overall.
I know, I skipped some. I don't care. I'll go with EDSBS. I know it is a Gators blog, but it has become so much more than just a Gators blog or even an SEC blog. It is the thread that holds the blogging fiber of the college football universe together!


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