Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blue White Roundtable: Last One

This is going to be the last BWR for the year season. We'll be back of course from time to notable time during the off-season: for example, a player is involved in an off campus fracas involving assault, burglary, and various other felonies, the Blue White Game. For now, BSD has brought us this weeks questions. My responses are below but please frequent these other fine sites for their responses.
Let's start off with a positive note. When you look back on the 2007 season five or ten years from now, what will be your fondest memory? It doesn't necessarily have to be Penn State related.
This is a Penn State blog so this is going to be a best PSU-related memory. I went back to State College for the PSU vs. Tosu game. It was an excllent time. It could probably be best summed up through a picture (as it is worth 1000 words [and I drank about 1000 beers!]).
Hell. Yes.
What should the Big Ten conference consider as its highest priority this off season?
It should be to get the Big Ten Network onto most cable providers. What it will actually be: to attempt to belittle the other conferences. This will make the Big Ten look AWESOME!
Clark or Devlin? Whose camp are you in and why?
Oh man, I don't know. I know some people say that they are equal athletes but that Devlin is the better passer. I, however, have no idea who is better at what. From what I've seen, Clarke looks like an excellent ground threat (which is more than I've SEEN from Devlin). It seem I'm in the Clarke camp (if only by default).
Which position not including quarterback is your biggest concern looking ahead to 2008?
I really have two and both are on defense: Linebackers and Safeties. Both seem a little thin. I know what you're thinking: "JB, this is Linebacker U and we have Sean Lee who is going to fucking dominate this year!" And you're right. We do have Sean Lee and he is going to dominate. But he is going to need help and I don't know if I know who is the other 100+ tackle linebacker on the roster for '08.

Lightning Round

Who is the early favorite to win the Big Ten in 2008?

Ohio State. Or so will the experts and the "reasonable person" predict. However, this is not a reasonable blog, so it has got to BE PSU!

I mean, this is the author of this blog. What do you expect?

How many Fulmer Cup points for Penn State this summer?


(This one credited to WWN)Now that the offseason has begun, what will you keep you mind occupied with until fall practice?

Well, There is recruiting and signing day. Always a favorite of mine. Then there is Pro-Day workouts, the Draft, and the Blue-White game. Lift For Life. Summer Practice and then some more fuckin' football!


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