Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Casual Joepa

The Pitt Trib Revue has a good article recanting the more Casual Joe which was seen in the dressed down, post-bowl, presser Joe had.

The Highlights according to me.

On Jay:
"He's got the ability to be a head coach," the elder Paterno said of Jay, the
team's quarterbacks coach. "I don't think Penn State would be a good place for
him right now because it's just tough. It would be as if I programmed the whole

On Joe's Future:
"I'm going to coach for a couple more years; I know that," said the 81-year-old
Paterno, who's under contract through 2008. "If the time comes when somebody
says it's time to go, I'll go."

On a line of Succession:
"I could do it if I thought it was necessary."
On Ant'ny:
"He reminds me very much of (Vinny) Testaverde," he said, referring to size and
arm strength. "He's got the talent."

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