Wednesday, January 30, 2008

PSU's Pryor Update!

As has been streaming around the internet today, Joe, Jay, Bradley, and McQueary trekked up to Jeannette to talk to Tyrelle Pryor. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, it went: "OK". But what the devil does Ok mean? It means it went terribly.

When TP spoke of his impression of the visit he responded:

"It went OK," Pryor said of the meeting. "I just don't know about the area up there. I don't know if I'd like being in that kind of area."

Is that a comment on the ruralness? You don't like places where there are cows? Happy Valley is not a throbbing metropolis by any means but it does have state of the art facilities and 100,000+ screaming fans on game days! (Though, it has been rumored that Michigan has those things too. Regardless of what people say I'll never believe them. I like to picture Ann Arbor (whore) as a stadium and nothing more. I prefer not to even think it exists as anything else.)

Seriously though: "I don't know about the area"?

Sounds like that's could be a veiled statement of the following:

- y'all are a bunch of crazy white-ies....I meant the whiteout. And you're crazy. And Caucasian.
- Joe is OLD!
- Jay tried to explain the "HD offense" to me but ended up sobbing on the floor.
- Seriosly, y'all are white. Where's LJSR?
- Scholarship? PFFFT! TP wants a ride, SON!?!!?!?



Paterno Lives! said...

i kinda hope he doesn't pick us, i guess the reason i'm off about it is that i know if he goes to UM or OSU he's going to own us...its just our fate, something we have to live with.

JB said...

Eh. Recruiting is just another form of competition for us fans to enjoy. Getting Pryor means your team "wins". But it isn't to say that he will be the best player in the country in 3 years.

Anonymous said...

sounds to me that you're insinuating TP is racist. that's NOT what you're saying, right?

just curious.

JB said...

Not at all. I just thought it was funny. In reality, I think it is more that TP isn't thrilled with Central PA as opposed to a more urban setting (like Ann Arbor, USC, Columbus, etc.)

It's just a joke. So lets all just breathe regularly.

Anonymous said...

the funny thing about him shitting on state college is that i remember osu fans sweating because he had said "I relly want to go to a real college town."

So him saying "i just don't know about the area" is a lot like everything else he has said, total nonsense.

Now he is pushing back the anouncement, thank god too because I'm not tired of this shit yet.

Anonymous said...

you may want to put a tag of 'honky-hater' below this post as well.

Anonymous said...

Well, honestly... I want to know exactly what he meant by "that area" as well.

Listen... maybe I was blind during my 5 years in State College, but I don't recall passing many tractors on College Ave. or seeing many cows on Allen St... and while it's certainly true that State College isn't a city (like filthy Columbus), I doubt you'll ever see any corn stalks on HUB lawn.

So, if that's how TP remembers State College, he needs to seek help for the hallucinations that appear to be plaguing him.