Friday, January 04, 2008

Replacement Activities

The Powers That Be have left us with a night completely devoid of college football, a Friday night no less! As such, I have compiled a nice little list of replacement activities for you to try:

1. Chug beer at home until you start posting 1 kill 10 death Halo3 sessions.
2. Chug beer at home until you find yourself surfing for "Fatty Porn".
3. Reestablish relationship with loved ones: Wife, Children, whatever.
4. Finish elaborate Team-Themed beer pong table so you can "live the dream" in the fall. Thanks to ABC News.
5. Remind yourself of the horrors of the spring and summer by going to a mall with your wife and hold her purse nearly the entire time.
6. Drink A LOT before doing #5, then, proceed.
7. Drink too much and Post hundreds of comments on EDSBS proclaiming your excellence and giving your billing address.

Thats all i got.



Black Shoe Diaries said...

"fatty porn"

Someone is going to get some interesting hits from google searches. My won't they be disappointed.

JB said...

I'm just intent on trying to rival RUTS on "you found me" posts!