Thursday, January 03, 2008

River Of Tears

The Sooners walked into the buzz saw which was the WVU 'Eers last night. Despite their coach leaving them only a short time ago WVU brought the hammer of pain to Oklahoma in last night's Fiesta bowl. WVU looked great. Oklahoma looked like they might fight back as they narrowed it to 15-20 at one point but then the Mountaineers slammed the door shut with some big plays.

Great game. Fun to watch. Could have been closer but who is counting!



Kevin McGuire said...

I must admit I was impressed with West Virginia. All too often in the past couple of years I have been very quick to label them as frauds. While they may be frauds when it comes to national title contention, as they have proven, they are certainly still a force to be reckoned with nationally. Now I guess Oklahoma is going to start getting the "fraud" treatment from me. Four straight BCS Bowl losses for the Sooners? Ouch!

drozz said...

let's just hope we can chalk up the mountaineers loss to pitt on rodriguez

JB said...

I think the fact that the 'Eers came out so fired up after losing their coach 10 days before? (is that timeline about right?) That is a real testament to the replacement staff. However, it has yet to be seen that they can keep it going into the '08 season.