Friday, January 25, 2008

Timmons, Others "Excused" from Team

The Collegian is reporting that Joe has excused Knowledge Timmons and two other unnamed players. BSD already has a post up.
Team spokesmen Jeff Nelson and Guido D'Elia confirmed last night three players have been "excused from the team" but would not offer any further information.
Though, this may be a temporary suspension and could be largely determined by the outcome of Timmons' hearing in front of Judicial Affairs. The other two players have not yet been named but it is a good bet that Baker and Bowman have also been asked to clear out their lockers as all of this is centered around the HUB fight and they are the other players charged in that debacle.


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Anonymous said...

This is coming from a old man that has to listen to everyone down here in Florida brag about the SEC and "Florida" football, UF FSU and Miami.....PSU has been up until recently a competitive program with integrity. Joe P and staff recruited talent and character.
It seems that they are now lowering their standards and looking for characters with talent.
Let’s not see the student athlete go from Penn State Univ. to the "state pen". How they play off the field counts as much as how they play on the field. PSU hasn't had great success lately and some of the players have had trouble lately, a coincidence....maybe.