Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blue White Roundtable: PSU's Signing Day

Mike from BSD brings us the questions this week. My take can be found below, however, you have got to check out our other, better contributors: RUTS, WWN, TNL and our NEW CONTRIBUTORS: Tangled Up In White & Blue and The Big Eleventh! On to the rapid fire questioning!
How well did Penn State address their needs with this recruiting class?
Not very well at all. The class as a whole seems to have some talent. However, the needs of the program were not covered very well. The RB position seems to have two guys ready to run in the fall, Stephon Green and Evan Royster. Granted, both of these guys seem like solid young talents; if you aren't excited to see Green in the Blue-White Game you are retarded. Adding Brandon Beachum certainly helped, however, losing Michael Shaw was a solid kick in the nuts. Having three RBs seems a lot worse than having four, doesn't it? My nuts will be sore until next year.

The entire Defensive backfield seems to be widely ignored. The on exception being D'antton Lynn. D'Antton Lynn should be a great Safety and should see PT right away as the safety position is a major question mark right now. Justin King, Ruben, Ganter are gone. And yet all we got was Lynn. More will be leaving next year. It seems like we could have been much more pro-active with recruiting DBs.

A.J. Price was the only WR in this year's class. Granted, we only lost Golden this year to graduation but next year we lose just about everybody. Butler, Norwood, Williams will graduate, Bell has been suspended (though a return seems likely when his grades improve). Right there you have a big need at WR. It was a need this year but next year at this time it will be A MUST!
Who was the big fish that got away? The kid you really really wish we had landed?
Shaw. Hands down. TP is still in play so PSU might be good in that regard. However, everybody felt so confident about Shaw that having him move to Buttigan at the last minute hurt.
You’re NCAA President Miles Brand. Take a break from counting your BCS cash for a minute. What would you do to improve the recruiting process?
There is an argument to be made to let guys commit earlier if that's what they want to do. Or, we could go back to the old days where recruits were undecided until they showed up on campus! I pretty much think recruiting is good where it is. I mean, i really don't care how many text messages a kid gets. Though, banning pic-texts of naked co-eds seems to take all the fun out of it.
Now you’re Joe Paterno. So I guess prepare to dodge the question. What would you change about Penn State’s recruiting strategy?
Aaah, jee, you guys make a bigger deal out of this than I do. I don't know. I really don't. I think we go out there and recruit a lot of really great kids. I mean, first you guys are upset that we don't recruit athletes now you tell me to recruit football players. Larry is out there, Jay is out there. We have everything under control. What's that? Prior? What do I think about him? I think we have done really well in the past. Tyrrelle Pryor? I think he could be a very good football player one day.
Lightning Round
Where will Terrelle Pryor go to school? Or should he just live off the hype for the next few years and directly enter the NFL draft in 2010?
He should go to Penn-Fucking-State! Going to Tosu would be a bad move. I don't think TP even knows how to commit any of the various felonies that occur in Columbus on a daily basis.

There will be to much pressure at Michigan. They will be in their first year of a coach who is installing a new offense and he would be the presumptive starter in that offense. He would be surrounded by inexperienced guys and he would have to try to win every game.

PSU, however, he could red shirt a year. Watch Clarke run what is sure to be a spread offense in the fall. Then be ready to start in 2009. Solid. Fucking. Gold.
Which member of this class stands the best chance to make an immediate impact?
D'Antton Lynn. PSU is terribly thin at safety right now and there is no reason why he wouldn't be able to go out and win a starting role this summer.




drozz said...

any chance wallace moves to safety, timmons gets reinstated, and starts at cb?

all this carrying the caveat that timmons gets reinstated, cleans up, etc.

JB said...

I suppose that anything is possible. However, it seems unlikely because Wallace doesn't seem physical enough to play safety.

What seems more likely is that one of our many talented young LBs would make the leap to safety.