Monday, March 31, 2008

A Big Weekend at PSU

Kind of a lot has happened since we last talked. Photos are up, practice is underway, Joe is talking to the media, though, he also "doesn't care". Wow. On to the news!

Penn State wrapped up its first week of spring practice with a Joe Paterno Press conference. Here, Joe opined about all sorts of things, most of which can be found at PSU's website. This consists mainly of "so and so could be a pretty good football player." and "this might be a pretty good football team." However, not everything made it through PSU's editorial staff (One thousand monkeys at one thousand typewriters), apparently, Joe doesn't care if his contract is renewed or not.

Is this some gamesmanship out of Joe or does he really not care? Would it matter to Spanier and the Trustees either way?

Last but not least, FOS has some sweet photos of the first week of practice up! observe:


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