Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Priaprism Over The Cowher Rumor

I have had a serious situation since hearing a rumor that Bill Cowher has been seen in Happy Valley and supposedly spent the night with AD Curley, I have a Priaprism. Don't laugh! It is a serious situation! The only problem is, I like it!

The mere idea that Bill Cowher could be interested in coming to PSU to coach rendered me a quivering blob of blue and white excitement. Cowher would be for central PA what Pete Carrol has become for southern California, he would be a God. Cowher is already loved for his time in Pittsburgh where he coached for a million years and, one would have to expect, that if he came to PSU he would intend to coach here for another million years. As Carrol has come to embody sports in southern California so too could Cowher become that for central PA.

The reason why I would be so excited for Cowher to coach PSU is because he always coached the Steelers (Stillers) up, developed great young talent, replaced great players with other great players. The Steelers lost quality guys every year but always seemed to replace them with guys nobody had ever heard of but who were great players. That was because of Cowher.

I want Joe to stay for as long as he wants but great-googly-moogly, COWHER!

It still isn't going away. I don't think it will until we find out whether there is any truth to this rumor.



pmm156 said...

I received a phone call from my buddy on Feb. 24 teasing me with this rumor from his "inside sources". My first thought was...we'd win...FOREVER! I'm 99.9% certain this will not happen, but that .1% has me dreaming of NCAA championships. What a great comparison between what Carol has done at USC and what Cowher Powher would do at Dear Old State. Just the thought alone allows me to sleep peacefully.

JB said...

I would completely agree that this seems like an unlikely union.
It has been suggested that Cowhers visit was related to his daughter's basketball recruitment. Certainly possible. I, however, find it possible that cowher would be interested. He obviously has local ties to PA. The workload would be far less allowing him to have a more relaxed lifestyle. He could truly do what he does best, coaching up the kids.

I think it is a longshot but a definite possibility (at least in my mind).

drozz said...

he played for the eagles, he coached for the stillers.

can you think of any character that would unite fanbases?

on second thought, they would still find ways to annoy each other.