Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blue/White Live Blog

I'm going to be sitting in my den watching the game online because I'm too lame to go a regular guy and, I figure, since I'm right here I might as well post my reactions to what is going on.



***The Live stream just kicked on at the Big Ten Network. Looks like a huge crowd!

The crowd is fired up! It is great to see everybody so fired up for the game. It feels like this is more than a scrimmage.


Looks like D-will and Lucian are out for the coin flip.

WOW, these announcers are terrible.

Devlin gets the ball first! Show me something PAT!

HOLY SHIT! STEPFON GREEN IS THE FASTEST GUY ON THE TEAM! He just ran right by the first team defense. Home run threat = confirmed!

Nice run by Clarke, a little razzle dazzle out of Williams.

We see a little option and Royster takes it into the endzone. We aren't seeing a lot out of the Defenses though. Two possessions, two touchdowns.

There is a little Defense! Good tackle by Koroma getting Stepf in the backfield.

Devlin stared that receiver down the whole time. That won't cut it.

Sczerba looks good and seems to be Devlin's favorite target.

Looks like Hull, Gbhadyu, are in at LB.

Come on Wagner! Dammnit. You gotta hit those.

Carter seems to be our tough yards back. He isn't flashy but he sure can move the pile!

You gotta love that pass to D-will!

Beachum lookin' good. But you HAVE TO HOLD ON TO THE FOOTBALL! That won't earn you more PT.

SCZERBA AGAIN! He is having the best day thus far of all the WRs. He doesn't seem to have the speed of Quarless but he give the QB an excellent target and he catches the ball!

Lets see what Clarke can do with the second team.

Good sack by maybin.

Green is certainly fast but he seems to tap dance a little in the hole.

man, 2 sacks by Ogbu. He is starting to dominate!


Not a good read by Clarke.

Oh come one Schuler! You have to catch those.

Sack by Maybin, his second of the day if I remember.

Greene is just plain fast. A good broken tackle also.

Well, we are clearly learning what Devlin's weakness is: He stares at the WR that he wants to throw to. He seems to be very accurate but some good DBs could create easy turnovers if he doesn't look them off.

Colasanti and Stupar are in there for the Blue.

Stupar hits like a truck. He just leveled Green.

The both defensive squads seem to be getting a lot of pressure without any additional blitzers. S testament to the depth on the D-line!

OH! 73,000 in for the BW game! Is that the highest attendance for a spring game this year?

I don't know if this is the Spread HD offense but it looks incredibly similar to what was run last year. The only addition seems to be a few more bootlegs. I know this is the spring game and it will tend towards the vanilla, but it should still look a little different. Right?

Zug just had a great catch. We will need him to play well not only this year but also next year.

Beachum has been playing well. While PSU seems deep at RB but he could be a very nice compliment as a power back. Tony Hunt part 2? Not a favored player but just plain strong.

Great Catch ZUG! The young fella can play!

It seems that Greene is both a home run threat but also a bit inconsistent. Joe won't like that.

Good pick by Astorino. Dare I dub him a very cerebral DB?

Wallace is in street clothes, what is that about? We need all the good DBs we can get.

The good news is that the score is so balanced. The offense hasn't dominated nor has the defense. This looks like a very solid squad.

Beachum continues to really impress. He shows good vision and power. He seems to wield significantly more power than either Royster or Green. He seems like the exact kind of back Joe loves.

Great pass by clarke. A slant into the back of the endzone. Both QBs seem much more comfortable going over the middle than Morelli was.

Kelly has not kicked consistently. Special teams could be a big weak spot on the '08 squad.

It was great to see the team this spring. I love the Blue White game. I'm so amped for the fall now even though I know we are about to cross a desert of football.

A general breakdown will be up monday!


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Anonymous said...

Wallace forgot to put his mouthpiece in during practice, took a shot in the chops and lost a few teeth. He'll be okay after a week of soup and jello.