Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hot ESPN.com Commenter

I was just recently over at ESPN.com reading an article about how Rich-Rod disagrees with Boren Re: family values...blah...blah...blah. I get to the bottom of the article. I see two people have commented. One of them appears to be a girl. A girl wearing a skimpy top. I investigate further. This is what I find:YOWZA! Go see for yourself.

What an unexpected turn of events.



PJS said...

Very nice, but apparently she called you a perv. DId you see this on her page?

"Attention Internet Pervs: I am here to chat about sports, not hear your cheezy pick up lines, so don't bother with the false flattery!"


JB said...

It isn't the first time!

This also seems disingenuous, if you don't want to be oggled put up a pic of yourself wearing a big ol' sweatshirt.

BSD said...

So she's saying there's a chance?

Hawkeye State said...

"UK beating Duke in 1998 was a definite highlight, the Red Sox 2 recent championships and the whole Nomar/Pedro era was fun. The Michigan run to the National Championship in 1997/98 was pretty good as was Desmond's catch against ND and the punt return against tOSU. Not so fun but memorable moments include being at the 2002 Bluegrass Miracle game, the 1996 US 500 and watching 10 cars crash coming right at me. These definitely stand out, but there have been many more."

Kentucky basketball, Michigan football, the fucking Red Sox, and auto racing? Was she rooting for the Soviets, too?

I'm officially turned off.

Hawkeye State said...

Also, from her commenters:

"Thanks for excepting the invite!!!"

That made my day so much better. Thanks, TINNOMJ!