Monday, April 14, 2008

Paterno Article at ESPN

Paterno's mug is currently gracing the front-page of as this post is being written. This is in conjunction with Ivan Maisel's article on Paterno. I would recommend you cruise over and check it out.

I am not the worlds biggest fan of Maisel and this isn't a ground breaking story. It does not give you a true insight into the goings-on of the Paterno Power Struggle going on at PSU. However, what it does do is paint Paterno fairly. As the Juleser says:
It doesn't give him the diaper treatment or the forgetful old man treatment. Rather, it shows him for what he is: an old man who cares deeply about the university, the football program and the kids on the team. Of course, below it is an article about PSU's "off-season woes."
Regardless of what you think of Maisel or this article there is one phenomenal quote, which really is worth the price of admission all by itself:
As they stretched during one recent practice, according to Bradley, one player said to Paterno, "Coach, we're the only place in America where the coach is older than the trees around the practice field."
Solid. Freaking. Gold.


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J Money said...

Remember, Joe doesn't care what they say about him "on the Web site."