Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Brutal Lampooning

Men Of The Scarlet And Gray has a post up lampooning Sean Lee's injury
and the PSU-fan-base's penchant for passionate championing of our
player's excellence. Find the link below.

It is humorously written and I get where MOTS&G is coming from, there
have been several closely contested Butkus awards between PSU and
TOSU. These races have inspired passion on both sides, for me, this
goes back to the Katzenmoyer-Arrington days. But just gimme a break.
Lee is a great player and a great kid is there really any reason to
kick him while he is down?

PSU's sense of entitlement? I'm sorry I had no idea Tosu was now the
team which wasn't repeatedly jammed into national title games with
dubious credentials only to run into a wall made of large SEC bricks.
Despite these multiple short-comings, will the Buckeyes be in the
preseason top five? Of course they will. But it is PSU who has a sense
of entitlement.

Also, Conner's Butkus was clearly some sort of "make-up" despite the
fact Conner had a better statistical season than Laurinaitis.

That being said, Laurinaitis is a great player and would be
deserving of any awards he may garner in 2008.

I am already fired up for this years game!

Go State!

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drozz said...

O BURN!!!!

as for young james-after watching the drubbing he took in the championship game, i think 1 more year at LB was in his best interest.